• Limited & Exclusive: Siggy with Jen Doll
  • Limited & Exclusive: Siggy with Jen Doll
  • Limited & Exclusive: Siggy with Jen Doll
  • Limited & Exclusive: Siggy with Jen Doll

Limited & Exclusive: Siggy with Jen Doll

$79.99 $99.99

SmartGurlz™ Siggy robot with Jen inspires girls to be tomorrow’s creators and leaders by teaching them to code their dolls and Siggy robots in endless fun combinations. 

Our Sugar Coded™ app connects to Siggy™ via smart phone or tablet and allows girls to break free from computers and coding camp teaching them coding through game-like adventures and missions. There’s no end to the exciting combinations that girls can create including code dances, obstacle courses, fashion shows, talent shows.  

Imagination, curiosity, experimentation and problem solving are the skills she will hone.

Top 3 Benefits of playing with Siggy Robot™

1. SPATIAL REASONING. Girls learn how to direct/orient their robots in new environments and interpret maps.

2. COMPUTER PROGRAMMING. Girls learn to program their robots using our specially made kids coding software app called SugarCodedTM*.

3. STORYTELLING & PROBLEM SOLVING. Girls learn to story tell and solve missions via coding.
Free with every purchase, SugarCoded™ is our proprietary app introduces girls to coding, games, lessons, books and learning!

Learn to code through our drag and drop interface in a game-like, self-directed tutorial starring Smart Gurlz™ characters.

Put your new coding skills to the test driving around solving missions, learn repeat-loops, basic algorithms, and compare with your friends.

Included illustrated e-books that highlight life as a chemist, computer hacker, engineer or artist.
Siggy is a self-balancing coding robot controlled by our SugarCoded™ app

Siggy moves, lights up, makes sounds,and has some serious skills on the dance floor.


Jen is studying mechanical engineering and dreams of inventing the next new thing and scoots around town on her Siggy Robot™.


Emma is a brilliant and creative artist. She loves painting and taking photographs and scoots around town on her Siggy Robot™.


Jun is a young, Asian chemistry star who loves trendy fashion and science and scoots around town on her Siggy Robot™.


Maria is a wizard with numbers, studying maths and dreams of solving that one big equation and scoots around town on her Siggy Robot™.

Read each Smartgurlz™ e-book to learn more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews

I got Jen and she's amazing .my daughter really loves her.she learned how to code and loves this doll.I recommend her.😍😍😍😍😍

Dudley george

Limited & Exclusive: Siggy with Jen Doll

James Collins
Such an awesome gift for my daughter

I am a high school teacher who has taught computer science in the past. Understanding coding in our digital world is a must for all young learners. Smart Gurlz has created a perfect starting place with these dolls and app. My 10 year old daughter loves it, and has gone on to take multiple after school coding classes. where she excels. She is even now taking a robotics class. Great product. I highly recommend!

Joshua Klein
Happiness with your product!!!


This a first for us, but we simply had to convey our happiness with your product. We’re parents of 2 girls, Dylan (10) and Evie (7). We all absolutely love the SmartGurlz! As parents, we’ve vigorously pursued entertaining activities to get our girls more exposed and practiced in coding. Your product has surpassed our expectations in every way. Since arriving at Christmas, we have created exercises every couple weekends to complete an activity requiring programming. From obstacle courses, to spirals, and writing out names in cursive, we always find something fun to do. One thing in particular we love is the ease and facility to include lessons in geometry, algebra, data organization/visualization, etc. We’re not very active on social media (yet!), but we’ve included a few pics from our adventures to share with you.

We can’t say enough about the siggy girls, and we greatly look forward to future developments and offerings. The only request we have at this time is to please increase the amount and complexity of commands available to use in the coding! But rest assured, we’ll definitely be staying busy until then.

Thank you for creating this wonderful product helping our own SmartGurlz to get smarter!

Dylan, Evie, Meiling, and Josh Klein

Thomas Spear
Love these!

My daughter and my girlfriend's daughter both love their SmartGurlz Jen dolls and siggy! They are fantastic tools for getting girls into coding, and they're fun to boot!

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