SmartGurlz Connect

SmartGurlz connect via a smartphone or tablet

SmartGurlz Teach

SmartGurlz Sugar Coded App. teaches girls how to code by providing lively  coding assignments, stories and missions.

SmartGurlz are Fun

SmartGurlz create a fun, engaging and accessible way for girls to learn to code and connect with each other.

SmartGurlz are Independent

SmartGurlz Siggy the Robot is also compatible with most 11’ inch dolls including Barbie and Bratz and can carry many objects up to 6 ounces or 180 grams in weight.

What’s In the Box?

  • Siggy-a self-balancing coding robot (learn more)
  • SmartGurlz doll - choose from Emma, Jen, Jun, Zara or Maria!
  • Free Access to the Sugar Coded App. (click here to learn more)


About Sugar Coded App:

  • Drive your Siggy around with your smartphone or tablet  and record your moves and replay with your friends.
  • Learn to code through our drag and drop interface in  a game-like, self-directed tutorial starring SmartGurlz characters.
  • Put your new coding skills to the test driving around solving missions, learn repeat-loops, basic algorithms, and compare with your friends.
  • Each doll has a dedicated e-book that highlights her life as a chemist, computer hacker, engineer or artist.


Meet Siggy: The World’s First Self Balancing robot for girls

  • Balances and moves around the on just two wheels without human intervention.
  • Connects via your smart phone or tablet with app SugarCoded
  • Can dance, do tricks, drive in circles and navigate over surfaces inside and out.
  • Fits Barbie and most other 11’ inch dolls
  • Is able to carry up to 6 ounces or 180 grams (an iPhone or a McDonald’s quarter pounder)