SmartGurlz Crowdfunding Campaign

Help Create a More Diverse and Inclusive World!

As Seen on Shark Tank, SmartGurlz is an award-winning digital learning company and the world’s first coding robots for girls. We are proud to offer an opportunity to a new generation of investors -- from our community of parents and teachers to traditional investment bankers like Morgan Stanley. Join us to make the world a more equitable place by bridging the gender gap in technology. You can now invest in SmartGurlz through an equity crowdfunding campaign launched on WeFunder , the largest funding portal by investment volume and investor returns.

SmartGurlz Crowdfunding Campaign

At a high level, we are a hardware and software platform that helps young girls learn coding, problem solving and applied math, and we are right now
the only EdTech platform focusing on girls aged 5-12.

The Gap is Only Getting Wider and It Starts Young

Our vision is to reduce the pronounced 'tech gender gap', where, 65% less female children report interest in tech at the age of 13 compared to male children, with the gap in the tech careers reaching striking 69% - reflecting the lack of interest and exposure female children get towards tech at a younger age.

Our target near-term TAM in the US alone is 18 million girls aged 5-12 from middle income families.

Our current product line includes a robotic segway, a coding app, and character figures that ride on the segway; we have broader platform features, more products including a strategy for expansion into the in-& after-school market and licensing partnerships with PBS

SmartGurlz management team is led by myself as CEO, and Jesper Nissen, my cofounder and our CTO. I have over 20 years of experience in STEM focused consumer co-creation and learning, while Jesper spent over 20 years in tech and has already exited 3 successful tech startups! Moreover, we are proud to have Martin Pidel (formerly at Hasbro and LeapFrog) and Kari Byron (star of Mythbusters and multiple shows on Netflix) in our core team.

SmartGurlz Crowdfunding Campaign

We have great traction featured on Shark Tank in 2017, did over $1.6 million in sales to date since late 2016, over 30,000 products sold, presence in 300+ retail stores globally) and currently in late stage discussions with the Apple Store, Walmart and other major partners to add our products on their shelves.

Today, SmartGurlz wishes to share its success-story and give back to its community. We chose equity crowdfunding as an opportunity to motivate active participation of our global community and extend the opportunity to our community who are not accredited investors, but may still be interested in the “triple bottom line” - people, purpose, profits.

Are you interested too in taking SmartGurlz to a new level and together, creating a more welcoming world?

Invest now! All details about the crowdfunding campaign (amounts, terms, etc.), the company (financials, officers & directors, investors…) and WeFunder by clicking the button below.

$200,000+ already raised from accredited investor Morgan Stanley. Join them now!


SmartGurlz Crowdfunding Campaign

“There is a compelling business case for investing in startups led by women and multicultural founders
(like SmartGurlz) but there is a large market inefficiency to accelerate businesses led by these founders.
“We are working to directly address this funding gap.’’
-   Alice Vilma, Co-Head of the Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab.

What is an equity crowdfunding campaign? 

Equity crowdfunding provides a way for individuals (non accredited investors) to invest and participate in investment opportunities and reap the benefits. You will own a part of the company!

“We are reaching out to the most passionate people in the community: our parents, teachers and our customers,” said Sharmi Albrechtsen co-founder & CEO. “We want to give them a unique opportunity to own a piece of what we have built, and to financially benefit - thus helping give back to our incredible global community.”

What will SmartGurlz do with the money?

In order to reach all children, SmartGurlz will be launching ‘Smart Buddies’, the only coding robots and curriculum focused on diversity and inclusivity in the STEM classroom. We will need funds for new books, characters, new molds, packaging and production. In addition, we would like to hire a new education manager, who will manage curriculum and training to schools. We see this as an amazing opportunity in the growing $40 Billion EDTech market.


SmartGurlz Crowdfunding Campaign


While SmartGurlz has had a successful online business with e-commerce and Amazon, we would like to expand to retail such as Walmart and Target with a TV license product. Luckily PBS reached out to us and we have signed a deal with Odd Squad. Part of the funds raised, will go towards that project as we will need to re-design products and design a full new app. In addition, we have an exciting long-term project to work with NASA on a new female empowerment franchise called Girls Meet Mars.

How much can I invest?

We want to make this a real investment opportunity for all our community. The minimum investment is set to $100 for you, the SmartGurlz community to help ensure all have the opportunity to participate.



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